Marketing channels meaning of internet service

Channel marketing focuses on the distribution of products from the manufacturer to the consumer. While channel marketing is usually applied to products, it can also be used to market ideas and services. Marketing channels help organizations expand their reach and their revenue. However, each marketing channel will offer a different combination of coverage and performance, and so they may be used in combination. Marketing channels may include traditional distribution models — which include producers, wholesalers and retailers — or variants that cut out one or two components.

For examples, companies like Dell and Avon avoid wholesalers and retailers by using their own warehouses and salespeople to sell to consumers. Examples of marketing channels include:. In practice, companies often use a mix of marketing channels, such as internet sales and an on-the-ground team. Every marketing channel includes at least one person or organization who serves as an intermediary. Each of these intermediaries performs a function, provides a value, and expects some kind of economic return.

The values provided by these intermediaries include:. The choice of marketing channel is one of the most critical an organization can make, and affects all other forms of the marketing mix.

Once a company has committed to a distribution model, it may be hard to change. Customer desires and preferences also determine the marketing channel.

marketing channels meaning of internet service

For instance, companies selling rare or high-value products may be able to limit the number of distribution outlets, producers of inexpensive products — like potato chips — will need many points of distribution to make a profit. Over time, they may need to modify some of their channels or choose a new mix.

While the Bureau of Labor Statistics does not track data for channel marketing as a specific role, the agency does provide the following employment information about marketing managers:. What is Channel Marketing? Grand Canyon University. Request Information. Sponsored Content.Each kind of web-based advertising requires specialist knowledge, aptitudes, flare and skills to guarantee that it is compelling and able to optimize your online marketing campaign.

This article will let you delve into 10 types of online marketing channels and their practical applications in optimizing your online presence. Are you looking to grow your Digital Marketing efforts?

Get trained to do that with our advanced Digital Marketing Course! Network Marketing as Online Marketing Channel. Online marketing is a kind of marketing that is constantly evolving and changing. To be a successful online marketer it is must to know essential skills to channelize different types of online marketing channels in a dexterous fashion. I hope this article helps you comprehend the different types of online marketing channels that fit with your skill set, and aid you optimize your online marketing campaign.

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marketing channels meaning of internet service

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Anthony on November 9, at Good article there. I think this can help a lot of people.Marketing channels refer to the people, organizations and activities that are needed in order for a business to transfer products from the production point to the consumption point. In other words, it is the way in which products and services reach an end user. Also known as a distribution channel, a marketing channel is an extremely important tool for management, and it is key to creating an effective marketing strategy.

The main purpose of any channel of distribution is to bridge the gap between whoever produces the product and the end users of the product, regardless of where the parties are located; the producer and the end user can be located a few miles apart or a few thousand miles apart.

The channel of distribution is defined as the most effective and the most efficient way to put a product in the hands of a user. Distribution channels are comprised of different types of institutions that facilitate the transactions and the physical exchanges.

There are three main entities involved in a distribution channel:. However, all of these functions are vital for every aspect of the distribution channel, as they ensure that products are effectively flowing from the point of origin to the end user.

Firstly, though channel institutions can be eliminated or substituted, the functions that channels perform cannot be removed. For example, if a retailer or a wholesaler is eliminated from a distribution channel, its function will either be shifted forward to a retailer or a consumer, or it will be shifted backward toward a wholesaler or the producer of the product.

10 Types of Online Marketing Channels & their Practical Applications

The producer of the bathing suits will absorb the sorting, storage and risk functions; the post office will absorb the transportation functions; and the consumer will assume more risk because he or she will not be able to visibly see or try on the product before purchasing it.

Secondly, all members of a distribution channel are part of several transactions within a channel at any given point.

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As such, the complexity of transactions can become overwhelming. Think about how many products you purchase over the course of a single year and the wide variety of distribution channels that are used in order to get the products in your hands. Thirdly, the very fact that all transactions within a distribution channel are able to be completed satisfactorily is the result of the right products being found in places where you would expect to find them, you have the ability to compare products, the prices are clearly marked, and there are multiple payment methods available.

Fourth, there are specific instances when the optimal channel arrangement is direct from the producer to the end user. This tends to be particularly true when the middleperson that is available is not available or is incompetent; or, when the producer feels that he or she is better equipped to handle the task him- or herself. It might also be extremely important for the producer of the product to have direct contact with the customer so that adjustments can be made as quickly and as accurately as possible.

Direct-to-user distribution channels tend to be the most common in industrial settings, catalogue sales, and door-to-door sales. Indirect distribution channels are more common because, for the most part, producers are unable to execute the tasks that the middleperson can offer.

Lastly, while the notion of a channel of distribution may seem ineffective or unlikely for a service think transportation or health careproducers that offer services do face issues when it comes to delivering their products in the manner in which the customer wants to receive them, as well as in the time and place that they would like to receive them. Banks have responded to this issue by offering ATM machines, bank-by-mail and other types of distribution channels so that their customers can access their money and other needs whenever and wherever they want to.

The medical community has addressed this issue by offer emergency medical vehiclesoutpatient clinics, and home care providers.

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Basically, a marketing channel could be a retail store, a website, a catalogue, or a direct form of communicationsuch as letter, email or text message. Direct selling refers to directly marketing and selling products to consumers. Door-to-door sales is one of the oldest forms of direct selling. Today, direct selling involves sales that are made by hosting parties, offering demonstrations, and even internet sales.

Direct selling often relies on multi-level marketing platforms. In this platform, a salesperson is paid for selling and for the sales that are made by the people that they recruit.

Intermediaries can include wholesalers and retailers. This is known as an indirect marketing channel. The most indirect channel that can be used involves several different small manufacturers and many different small retailers, as well as an agent, and all work together to coordinate a large supply of a product. This marketing channel refers to a large array of marketing arrangements. The manufacturer or wholesaler makes use of more than one channel at the same time in order to reach the end user.

For example, they may sell products directly to the end user, and they may sell products to other companies for resale. While this method may be effective, it can lead to conflict, as two or more channels are being used to attract the same market. In this marketing channel, there is no producer; there is only a user or a beneficiary.A seismic shift has been the introduction of affiliate partners and programs in the strategy of distribution channel marketing and channel sales management.

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When life was a lot simpler, tradesfolk would bring their goods to a central market where the local villagers would come to either buy the goods or trade them for their own wares. The tradesmen would then return home with the revenue generated. The cycle would then repeat itself. Although Marketing Channels and Distribution Channels are terms that are often used interchangeably, for the purposes of this article, they will be distinguished as follows:.

Before the Internet, this was referred to as referral marketing. To say that the Internet has dramatically changed the referral marketing platform would be an understatement. With the advances in technology, this is a dynamic element of the channel mix with new features constantly emerging that allow for various forms of affiliate partnerships.

Strategic channel marketing and distribution is about getting the product to the end user in the most effective way. Depending on the nature of the product and the market, numerous intermediaries may be involved.

Take for example the manufacturer of an FMCG such as a chocolate bar. It would be highly impractical for the manufacturer to sell it to the final consumer; some intermediaries are involved. In this case:. The above is a traditional distribution channel, but many variations might exist. So the channel would resemble:.

What is Marketing Channel and Various Channels of Distribution?

For very large retailers who have relatively few stores such as the mass discountersconsumers could be supplied directly:. For someone manufacturing an item on a small scale from their home, we have the simplest form of distribution:. The above refers to the B2C business to consumer market. There is also the B2B business to business sector which caters specifically for organizations as customers.

For example, the sugar required in the manufacture of the chocolate bar in the example above would come straight from the manufacturer of the sugar, since it would be a bulk order. The channel could then be expanded:. The above channels with the various intermediaries are not set in stone, as many other variations exist.

marketing channels meaning of internet service

Some will purchase the goods directly from the manufacturer and then distribute to their network.Definition : Marketing channel is a system which ensures the distribution of the merchandise from the producer to the consumers by passing it through multiple levels known as middlemen.

It is also known as channels of distribution. Every product is different from one another and so are their channels of distribution.

Marketing Channels

But do you know how it reaches each and every part of the country, even to the villages? All this possible because of marketing channels. Cadbury has limited manufacturing units in India. With the help of a well-designed marketing channel, the product reaches the depots located in the various states. The distributors sell the product to the wholesalers and the retailer who finally makes it available to the customers. There are certain factors related to the product, the company, the competitors, the market and the environment which determines the selection of an appropriate channel of distribution for a particular product.

To know about these factors in detail, let us go through the following categories:. Let us go through the related factors give below:. The market is the place where the customers are served. Thus, it has a crucial role in determining the type of channel for any product. Let us see these factors in detail:. Every business operates within an environment where it has to deal with some legal obligations as well as economic conditions.

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These factors include the following:. Marketing channels initially aim at the availability of products or services to prospective customers. This channel is selected by the factors mentioned above. Intermediaries are the people or organisations which acts as a link between the manufacturers and the customers. They perform multiple functions to facilitate both, the companies as well as the customers.

Marketing channels ensure mobility of goods or services from the manufacturing units to the area of its consumption. Your email address will not be published. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Definition : Marketing channel refers to the means through which the physical distribution of goods takes place from the manufacturer to the customers, either directly or through intermediaries. The manufacturer can also adopt Multi-Channel marketing if he finds it suitable for his product and the business.

In simple words, marketing channels are a medium to facilitate the active physical exchange of goods or services. The different types of marketing channels or channels of distribution have been identified based on the number of intermediaries or the levels the goods or services passes through to reach the customers. Direct selling is that medium of distribution in which there is no middle person involved, and the manufacturer directly sells the goods or services to the customer.

Understanding Different Digital Marketing Channels

This type of channel is popular among the services industry. Most of the services like travel, catering, salons fall under the direct marketing channel. Even when the products are complicated to use like the industrial machinery require direct selling and support from the manufacturer.

The small manufacturer of general goods finds this channel more profitable and cost-efficient since they cannot afford giving margin to the intermediaries. For Example; In restaurants, the food is prepared as well as served to the consumers. In this channel of distribution, the goods produced by manufacturing units passes through different intermediaries to reach its final consumer.

The indirect channels can be further classified into the following types, each of which is supported by an example:. The single-level channel involves only one middle person, i.

The shopping malls and marts use this channel for acquiring products at a low price and selling them to customers at a reasonable price. Also, the manufacturers of some specialise products like furniture, clothing, footwear, etc. For Example; Big Bazaar is a retail mart which buys the products directly from the manufacturer and makes it available to the consumers.

The wholesaler buys the goods in large quantity from the manufacturers and supplies it to the various retailers in small amounts. The retailers to the customers then sell these goods. This channel is preferred by the manufacturers who want to sell their products to obtain market share. It eliminates the expenses which the manufacturer incurs on the sales force, warehousing of goods and other retail selling practices.

It also facilitates mass production and a high volume of sales by increasing the scalability of the manufacturers. For Example; Rice yield by farmers is purchased and stored in bulk quantity by the wholesalers. The retailers then buy the rice in small portion from the wholesaler and sell it to the customers.

The manufacturer appoints agents or gives the goods to agencies which further distribute the products to selective wholesalers in large quantity. The wholesalers then sell the rice to the retailers in smaller amount who finally sell it to the customers. This is one of the most commonly used channels of distribution for confectionery products.

It is used by the manufacturers who look forward to capturing a massive market by reaching the consumers scattered over a vast geographical area. For instance; in rural marketing. Even the perishable goods manufactured in large quantity need to be distributed through this medium since the manufacturers cant acquire customers more quickly through any other channel. For Example; Tata Tea manufactured by the company is sold to the agencies in different regions; these agencies sell it to the wholesalers of their respective areas.

The wholesaler further sells it to the retailers from where it reaches the customers. A marketing channel has to be selected wisely to ensure the proper distribution of goods or services to the customers. Selection of a wrong channel may lead to excessive cost, perishability of products, loss, etc.

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